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VEGAN super fudgy double chocolate & crunchy Biscoff rustic traybake

I had roughly an hour between getting home from work on Friday and going to a dinner party at my friends. I knew I wanted to make a pudding for us (she did the mains - so it's only fair), but I knew it needed to be QUICK. I originally thought 'brownies', but realised I wouldn't have enough time to leave them in the fridge after baking them to get them all fudgy. So instead I tried a 'traybake' approach. This traybake is packed full of white and dark chocolate chunks and the crumbled Biscoff biscuits and Biscoff spread on top just give a lil extra flare.


  • 150g plain flour

  • 200g caster sugar

  • 30g cocoa powder

  • Pinch of salt

  • 70ml vegetable oil

  • 1tbsp vanilla essence

  • 240ml almond OR soy milk

  • 200g dark chocolate

  • 10-15 crumbled biscoff biscuits (lightly crumbled, not like dust)

  • Biscoff spread to blob on top (optional)

  • 200g vegan white chocolate chips

  • 200g vegan milk OR dark chocolate chips


  1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

  2. Grease and line a brownie tin with greaseproof paper (top tip: if you haven't got greaseproof paper, rub some oil/vegan butter around the tin then add 1tsp of flour and tap it round the tray until it is has covered the edges and the bottom - tap the excess flour away).

  3. Pop a large heatproof bowl over a saucepan of boiling water (don't let the water touch the bowl).

  4. Break up your dark chocolate and let it melt in the bowl - stir it frequently so it doesn't burn.

  5. Meanwhile, add your flour, sugar, cocoa powder and salt to a large bowl and whisk together until combined.

  6. Once your chocolate is melted, add it to the dry ingredients along with the milk, vegetable oil and vanilla.

  7. Whisk it together until it is combined and smooth.

  8. Add your chocolate chips / chunks and stir them through. Add your crumbled Biscoff and stir them through, too.

  9. Pour the batter into your lined brownie tin.

  10. Blob your biscoff on the top (no need to melt the Biscoff before, it will melt in the oven - you can melt it if you wanted to do the swirly pattern on top). Add a few whole Biscoff biscuits on top, if you fancy.

  11. Bake your traybake in the oven for about 25-30 minutes.

  12. Take your traybake out the oven and leave it on the side to cool for about 15 minutes, then pop it in the fridge for about 10 minutes.

  13. Enjoy!

Love, Soph x

I hope you love this recipe. Please let me know if you make it and tag me/send me any pictures of your creations! (@slaudus_eats) Feedback is always appreciated!

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